In the beginning God created....

Originally posted on my old Lego blog in March 2013.

Well, ok, at the moment of the Big Bang or whatever it was, God didn't create Lego there and then, but I do believe he created Creativity, and planted that creativeness in the life that would eventually become human kind as we know it. Millennia later, in the land of Danes, the toy we now know as Lego was created and a few years later I arrived on planet Earth. Forty years on, I'm still a "user" of the little plastic brick and thoroughly enjoy tinkering with it.

When I'm not tinkering, I work for a couple of churches in the UK as a youth worker, a job I've heard described as being a professional kid, and I hope my faith pervades everything I do. This blog is not an attempt at preaching and converting, it's simply a record of a journey I'm on, creating a new layout for my collection of Lego trains to run on, and the challenge of doing that in such a way as the layout can be transported to different locations. More on that later though.

I try, in all I do, to honour God, and that includes my "down" time, when I'm not on duty as a youth worker. Both my Lego and my photography are hobbies I offer up to God as a personal act of worship, trying to give my best back to God and letting others share the enjoyment of them. I may have possession of rather a lot of these plastic bricks, but they are not eternally mine, one day I'll pass them on to someone else. Ultimately, I believe that all I have originates from God, and is mine for a season, hence the name of this blog, His Bricks.

Whether people track this blog or not doesn't worry me, what does is that I keep things in perspective and my life rooted in the God I believe gave me the ability to take a half decent photo and build some wonderful stuff out of Lego. That said, I do hope you enjoy tracking the progress of this new layout. I'm certainly going to enjoy the challenge of building it!