It All Began...

...over 40 years ago. Family legend has it that I got my first Lego at the age of 2, though I have no recollection of it. I do have vague childhood memories of projects I worked on and layouts I had, both train and space themed.

More recently, I've been very aware that the act of creating something (not quite) out of nothing, is a reflection of God's creative power, and that our ability as human to create is part of our being made in his image. Some of the pages in the section will be lifted from my (now defunct) Lego blog, others will be new.

Coming up to my 14th birthday, my Mum said something along the lines of "I think you've got enough Lego now, don't you?". I disagreed. When I moved to England, I was able to fit it all in a rucksack and 1 cardboard box. When I moved to the US I needed a dozen plastic crates. it keeps growing, but as with all things, what I have is mine to share, not mine to keep. My daughter is beginning to develop an interest, and I've done one or two small shows. Hopefully, there are more to come so others can enjoy what I create.

Some of these posts are copied from my original Lego blog, I've noted that at the top of those pages.