Evolution of my Layouts

From the Kitchen Floor to Purpose Built Table. In 30 Years.

Ok, so it technically didn't all begin on the kitchen floor, I do remember laying the old, blue, 4.5v, battery operated trains and tracks on carpet in my bedroom. The kitchen floor came later. Eventually, my mum got a table (8 feet by 4) built in my room for be to build on, complete with hole in the middle to operate things from. Sadly, I don't have any photos from that era.

What I do have though, are photos from temporary layouts on various borrowed floors and then a selection of layouts on built on custom built tables.

Eventually, my (now ex) wife conceded enough space for an 8x4 table. By then, I had both 12v and 9v trains, so started building up rather than out, eventually settling on a couple of 3 level layouts.

Above - two layouts from around 2006/07 on the floor of a church I worked at at that time.

Above - two of my 3-level layouts from 2008/09 ish, both with 12v on the lower levels and 9v on top.

Above - (L) my last UK layout, and the first to be built on movable modules, and (R), my biggest layout to date. I'm currently working on a slightly bigger one, pics to follow.

And lastly, a time lapse of my biggest completed layout to date. 21 months of building in just under 10 minutes (no audio).