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I believe God has given us all the ability to be creative; for me it's through photography and Lego. Notminebutyours came about as a name through wanting to use these passions to honour God; Jesus says at the crucial time before going to the cross "not my will be done but yours" and I also believe that all we have is God-given, so in my relationship with God, whatever I have is not mine, but his.

God has given us a wonderful world to live in, with amazing scenery and "moments". I hope you enjoy my view of it, and that the pics help you understand a bit more of who God is and how much he loves us all, regardless of who we are or where we are. The photos are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes, all I ask is you acknowledge this blog as the source if you use them anywhere.

My Lego blog is newer, and reflects on my faith and life journey over the last couple of years using Lego as a theme. After all, it's a way of life for me as one friend described it. 

Grace and peace to you wherever you are,


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  1. Dear Andy,

    Is it all right to use your photo on Moon over Killiney for our Christmas cards? thanks very much. please reply to info@killineycommunitycouncil.ie