About Me

By "trade" I'm a Christian youth worker, but it's much more of a lifestyle than a job. I do my best to follow Jesus, and this is one of my ways of giving back to God. I believe that we've all been given the ability to be creative, and that God wants us to use our creativity to worship him. Photography and Lego both help me connect with God and gets me away from the desk.

The name of the blog comes from Luke 22 verse 42 when Jesus surrenders completely to the will of God the Father and says "not my will be done but yours." I try to live my life with that in mind, not mine, but yours.

Some of the images have been taken on my travels, linked in some way to my faith. We're all on a journey, where it will lead only God knows, but I'm looking forward to finding out where it leads. I hope to be obedient along the way! 


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